Optimal health and aging with smart NMN supplements

Elevant. The easy way to enjoy 

better vitality and wellbeing.

Optimal health and aging with smart NMN supplements

Elevant. The easy way to enjoy 

better vitality and wellbeing.

Optimal health and aging with smart NMN supplements

Elevant. The easy way to enjoy 

better vitality and wellbeing.

Get healthy. Stay healthy.

Your health is an ongoing journey. What you did yesterday affects your body today.
And the habits you build in your 30s and 40s can determine your quality of life in older age.


Start  your day stronger with  Prime NMN-C Capsules. 

Prime helps replenish NAD+ levels which decline rapidly from age 30, helping to promote cellular health, restore vitality, protect immunity and combat the hallmarks of aging.
Get the everyday support you need to unlock your best health and energy now, and for the years ahead.
  •  Support bodywide health
  • Create energy
  • Promote healthy aging
  • Fuel a healthy, active lifestyle

Vegan, gluten and major allergen free, non-GMO, with no synthetic fillers. Prime’s advanced formula was developed with leading cellular scientists to help you live in better health for longer.
1 jar of 60 caps (125 mg)3 jars of 60 caps (125 mg)
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Boost  your busy days with  Optima NMN-C Tablets.

Optima works fast to combat drops in energy and focus, and helps you feel energized and at your peak all day.
Our breakthrough active ingredient helps your body boost NAD+, a naturally-occurring molecule essential for energy production and healthy brain function.
  • Support brain function
  • Maintain daylong energy and focus
  • Promote balanced mood & quality sleep
  • Optimize body and mind health

Vegan, gluten and major allergen free, non-GMO, with no synthetic fillers. Optima help you sharpen your best tool by optimizing your body’s natural energy creation pathways.
1 jar of 60 caps (125 mg)3 jars of 60 caps (125 mg)

A breakthrough NAD+ boosting routine

Prime and Optima were formulated to work together as a daily combination to help turn healthy habits into an everyday routine.

Combine a dose of Elevant Prime NMN capsules in the morning with a dose of Elevant Optima NMN tablets during the day.

The two formulations work in tandem with one another to boost NAD+, support daylong energy and focus, and help you live life to the fullest.

How much NMN should I take ?

For an optimized effect, its best to adapt your intake of NMN supplements to your weight.

For Elevant Pime and Elevant Optima, we recommend a maximum daily dose of 3.4 mg of NMN-C® per pound.

To calculate what this equates to in capsules or tablets: multiply your weight in pounds by 3.4, then divide by 125 (each tablet and capsule contains 125 mg of NMN).

If the result is in between two numbers, simply round down to the nearest whole number.

Enter your weight

A new age in health with Elevant NAD+ boosters

NAD+ is a molecule your cells need to perform the hundreds of processes which keep your body running well.

Despite its critical importance to your health, wellbeing and aging, levels of NAD+ decline as you get older. By age 45, you have about half the NAD+ you had at 20. Common lifestyle stressors like restless sleep, stress, unbalanced diet and sun exposure also run down your NAD+ levels.

Our next-generation supplements contain NMN – a naturally occurring molecule your body needs to create NAD+. Elevant Prime and Elevant Optima deliver extra NMN to boost NAD+ and give you the energy and anti-aging support you need for lifelong health.

The building blocks of ‘better’

Healthy habits can take many forms. But it’s not just about diet and exercise. 
Your cellular health is perhaps the most powerful influence on how you feel, look and age.

Your cells control how you move, how you feel, how you think and how you age. 
The more you can do to ensure that your cells are in good working order, the better your short and long-term health is.

That’s why it’s important to take better care of your cellular health, starting with boosting NAD+ today.

Thrive, with a smarter health supplement




Vitamin supplements simply top up minerals and simple nutrients you can get from your diet. Elevant NMN supplements work directly with your cells to power your body’s natural ability to perform hundreds of processes that help you thrive.


Our cutting-edge formulations are designed to deliver the key nutrients your body needs to maximize wellbeing, meaning you might be able to cut out all those extra pills.

Thrive, with a smarter health supplement




No suspect fillers or additives — just clean ingredients. Made in FDA CGMP-certified facilities and independently tested for impurities.


Our NMN supplements were designed by leading scientists who are recognized globally as experts in the health and anti-aging benefits of NAD+.

Making healthy habits easy


Choose from a monthly subscription or order as you go.


Order three jars, or combine Prime and Optima, and save money.


Choose from easy-swallow capsules or chewable tablets.


Ideal for those on the go who want to boost NAD+ throughout the day.


Cancel online at any time—no strings attached, ever.


Free US shipping on orders over $150.

“Elevant is partnering with leading European & American institutions to explore the health benefits of NAD+ boosting."

“The future of anti-aging.”

“NMN-C is differentiated by its quality and extremely high-level of safety."

“Quality indicators, such as CGMP manufacturing, Self-GRAS status, independent testing and European manufacturing – all of which Elevant Prime provides."

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